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See Magazine August 16-24, 2004
Daniel Kaszor ****

Deep Fried Curried Perogies is an intimate and endearing if slightly unfocused portrayal of multi-ethnic life in Canada. Michelle Todd, an Edmonton native born of Jamaican and Filipino parents, explores what it was like growing up in Alberta and the trials of starting her own multi-ethnic family. Todd’s story is relatively simple – it’s just her on stage relating her story to the audience – but this simplicity is the reason the show works. Todd is just a person whose life isn’t so unlike yours, and the similarities help you relate to the differences. There is a lack of overall cohesiveness to the piece, but that lends itself to the feeling of being told a life story. Real life doesn’t have a straight narrative or a thesis and neither does Deep Fried Curried Perogies; the slight lack of focus doesn’t make the glimpse into Todd’s life any less interesting. Well worth seeing.

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