Deep Fried Curried Perogies
How do you make Deep Fried Curried Perogies? The recipe - go deep into your past, plunge into Filipino oil, spice it up with a little Jamaican curry and add to a good home-grown Canadian perogy! This Pick of the Fringe Hit passes the collection plate of legacy that is full of stories, recipes, heirlooms, hair trauma and certain indigestion. An exploration of what being Canadian means when your Mom is Filipino and your Dad is Jamaican. And an answer to the question we all ask, “Where do I come from?” Touching, funny, smart - Deep Fried Curried Perogies is a real look at family legacy. A show for anyone who is black, white, ukranian, asian, european, flat-chested, short, breathing...


Photos by Iulia Jurgea

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